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Bledsoe's Rental can deliver concrete to your site using our state-of-the-art trucks that mix concrete on site. To find out how much concrete you need, try the calculator below.

There are several advantages to using our concrete delivery. One, because we transport and mix at your job site, we are not hampered with transit delays and how they affect previously mixed concrete. Secondly, since we mix on-site, you will have additional time to work with the concrete setup time.

We carry four mix-on-site trucks that can deliver up to 8 yards per truck. There is a three-yard minimum charge per load. There is also a delivery charge that starts at $190 depending on what area of the metro area you job is located. Time allowance is 20 minutes for the first yard and 5 minutes per yard thereafter. The money is due at the time of delivery, exceptions must be cleared with management. Normal delivery time is 8:00am to 4:00pm depending on quantity and area. Sunday and overnight delivery and is available, but an after hours delivery fee will be charged.